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Equipo para panorámico dental Proline XC — Comprar Equipo para panorámico dental Proline XC, Precio de , Fotos de Equipo para panorámico dental Proline XC, de Voxel Argentina, S.A.. Equipamiento fotorradiográfico en Allbiz Argentina
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    Proline XC

    Easy to operate
    With Planmeca Proline XC, radiographic examinations are extremely rapid and easy to perform.

    • Open and easy patient access
    • Comfortable and stable patient supports
    • Side entry and open view for practical and precise patient positioning
    • Motorised adjustments for patient positioning
    • Triple laser beam system for accurate alignment of reference anatomical landmarks
    • The Graphical User Interface (GUI) for intuitive selection of exposure program and parameters

    Superior panoramic images
    Planmeca Proline XC provides anatomically correct panoramic radiographs. The focal layer follows the scientifically assessed form of the human jaw which results in images with clearly superior clinical quality.

    The imaging geometry of Planmeca Proline XC fully eliminates redundant shadows and ghost images caused by objects outside the image layer. The shadow of the cervical vertebrae is automatically eliminated in the Planmeca Proline XC.

    Reduced radiation by image segmenting
    With Vertical Segmenting program, the exposed area can be limited only to the area of diagnostic interest. Simple selection on the main display, and the patient dose can be reduced by up to 80% compared to a full area panoramic exposure.

    Clear access for all patients
    Side entry allows easy access to the X-ray unit for all types of patients. The exposure can be performed with a standing patient - the recommended way for short procedures - or a seated patient.

    Optimal exposures (AGC/AEC)
    The digital Planmeca Proline XC unit has the unique Automatic Gain Control (AGC), which optimises the sensitivity of the digital sensor to produce optimum image quality from each individual.
    The Planmeca Proline XC film unit can be equipped with the optional Automatic Exposure Control (AEC), which measures the patient's radiation transparency and correctly adjusts exposure values to achieve the desired film darkness and contrast.

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