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Equipo de mamografía Shenographe 600T Senix HF — Comprar Equipo de mamografía Shenographe 600T Senix HF, Precio de , Fotos de Equipo de mamografía Shenographe 600T Senix HF, de Voxel Argentina, S.A.. Sistemas de mamografía en Allbiz Argentina
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    Equipo de mamografía Shenographe 600T Senix HF

    The Senographe 600T Senix HF system from GE Medical Systems provides the tecnology needed for high-quality images, clinical versatility and ease of use.


    • Focal spot size: Dual focus 0.1/0.3 mm
    • Anode material: Molybdenum/Vanadium rotating anode.
    • Anode Angle: 0.1 focal spot: -91/4 0.3 focal spot: 01/4
    • Heat Loading: 90,000 HU air-cooled
    • Power: 0.1 - 1 kW0.3 - 55 kW
    • Maximun mA: 0.1 - 30 mA 0.3 - 100 mA
    • Filtration: Inherent: 0.8 mm Be
    • Added: Molybdenum = 0.03 mm for (equal or minor) 36 kV
    • Aluminium = 1.00 mm
      for > 36 kV
    • Heat dissipation: 60,000 HU/minute


    • Type: Single-phase, high-frequency, constant voltage
    • mAs range: 4 to 600 mAs, 27 steps
    • kV range: 22 to 49 kVp in kV increments
    • Exposure time: 0.04 to 10 sec.Automatic exposure control: Autocomp with microprocessor
    • control for five screen/film combinations
    • mAs meter: automatic exposure mode
    • Density steps: + - 5 density steps, each step 20%


    The control panel is built into the cabinet and enables operation either:

    • Using Autocomp, the automatic exposure feature, and 1-point mode, i.e. with kV selection and mAs readout on the control panel.
    • Using 2-point mode operation, i.e. kV and mAs selection.

    The following indicator lamps and audible tones are located in the control panel:

    • Main power supply.
    • Focal spot size selection.
    • Mo / Al filter selection.
    • kV selection (off when no diaphragm is in place).
    • mAs selection.
    • X-ray exposure lamp.
    • Autocomp automatic exposure control reset lamp
    • System on.

    The pressure gauge and the pneumatic compression adjustment knob are positionedon the opposite side of the control panel. Emergency stop buttons are positioned on either side of the column; whenactivated, compression release is manual.


    Compression is foot pedal-controlled to reduce operator constraint and ensure greater ease in patient positioning.
    The pneumatic compression system, together with improved paddle fixation, is automatically adapted to match breast shape and density.

    Compression is calibrated to automatically stop at a pre set compression force, eliminating unnecessary manual adjustments. Pressure is adjustable from 0 to 4 bars, producing a force between 0 and 20 Kg.

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